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Airbnb carding method 2024 Free Guide

Anyone looking to learn how to card Airbnb should read this guide. This Airbnb carding method 2024 requires that you are familiar with the carding ecosystem. If you are a noob. Check out our carding tutorial for beginners

What is Airbnb, and how does it actually work?

In 2008, three travelers looking for a place to stay were accommodated by two designers who had space to share. Today, millions of hosts and travelers decide to open a free Airbnb account so they may offer their space and book distinctive accommodations anywhere on the globe. Additionally, hosts with Airbnb experience share their hobbies and passions with both travelers and residents.

Airbnb carding: what is it?

In an act of fraud known as “Airbnb carding,” a carder uses stolen bank or credit card information to pay for purchases, particularly reserving accommodations on Airbnb and elsewhere in the world. For anonymity, the fraudster receives a tiny part of the total bill cost in cryptocurrencies in exchange for making accommodation reservations with cards for themselves or their clients.
Anyone looking to learn how to card Airbnb should read this guide.


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A Russian invented the first Airbnb carding method, and he spent five years, from 2009 all the way up to 2014, enjoying free tourism and sleeping in the nicest hotels for free.

He was able to get away with carding Airbnb since you do not have to link your bank account after purchasing the gift card with a credit card.
Airbnb reportedly made $4.7 billion in sales in 2019, with carders contributing over $90 million to the company’s income.
The good news is that Airbnb has no plans to stop the continuous carding because it benefits the company so much, and it is also difficult to trace the carders who commit the act.

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There is an option to purchase Airbnb gift cards from retail online sites, and you may still use your credit card at these stores to receive Airbnb gift cards for successfully carding free hotel holidays.

Meanwhile, while you can operate without a VPN, it is highly suggested to maintain exceptional operational security.

We prefer carding Airbnb over other vacation booking services since your carded gift card will never expire unless you terminate your Airbnb account. # Airbnb carding method 2024

Requirements for Airbnb carding method

In order to correctly card an Airbnb gift card, you will need some carding equipment. The following is a list of the Airbnb carding tools that are necessary.

1. VPN and SOCKS5 protocols

As a carder, you cannot live without a VPN. A premium VPN is usually what you need.

However, it is important to note that the VPN will just protect you; it will not be beneficial for carding. This is where SOCKS5 comes in.

For example, if you are carding in the United States, your VPN must support US servers, and you will use SOCKS5 to match the location near the cardholder’s address.

2. Debit/Credit Card

The most challenging component of carding is acquiring a live CC fullz. To be honest, you will find the best CC fullz here in

Keep in mind that the CC must match the area you wish to card.

For example, if you wish to card the US edition of Airbnb, you’ll need a credit card issued in the United States.

The reason for this is that the Airbnb payment system may reject credit card payments from certain countries (though this is not always the case).

3. Account on Airbnb

Carding Airbnb should necessitate two accounts, but it seems to need less.
I bought the Airbnb gift card with a single account and booked luxury hotels with the same account.

However, you can set up two accounts: one for purchasing the gift card and another for storing it.
Because most carders use two accounts to card Airbnb, I would recommend creating two accounts.

4. Burner Phone Number

A burner phone number, often known as a temporary phone number, is available from our store (link at the bottom of this post).

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5. Two Email Addresses

You will need two email addresses if you are creating two accounts. Otherwise, use a single email address. It is not feasible to use the same email address for creating two Airbnb accounts, so don’t even think about it.

Latest Airbnb Carding Method

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to card Airbnb and get away with it.
Although Airbnb carding is based on Airbnb gift cards, the reality is that you might be identified if you do not follow the proper steps. # Airbnb carding method 2024

Use the Airbnb carding procedure outlined below:

  • Purchase Live CC
  • Create an Airbnb account(s)
  • Purchase an Airbnb gift card online >
  • Add a Gift Card to Your Account
  • Reserve an Accommodation

Buy Live CC

Of course, the first thing you’ll need is a live credit card with a large balance.
The preferred CC details are non-verified by Visa because it will not request OTP (One-Time Password) to process the payment you will make online for the Airbnb gift card.

It should be noted that the majority of online stores selling CCs are fake. So, to avoid losing money to other scammers, you should buy it directly from us here.

Open Airbnb Account

Next, create an Airbnb account using a VPN – either free or paid – that is connected to the servers of the country you wish to card in. Assuming you are carding the UK Airbnb, you will need a UK VPN in order to register an account as a UK resident.
It makes no difference if the sign-up details on your Airbnb account match the CC details. However, I recommend the details match as much as possible.

Buy Airbnb Gift Card Online

To buy an Airbnb gift card. Buy Gift Card, depending on the CC balance, you can buy more than $500 worth of gift cards.

Set the Delivery Option to Email and input the email address you used to sign up for your Airbnb account in the Recipient Email section before adding to basket.

Log in to the other Airbnb account you made (not the recipient account) to access the Airbnb gift card store.
Complete the transaction by entering the credit card details in the credit card payment option. # Airbnb carding method 2024

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Import Gift Card into your Account

Go to the gift card recipient address and complete the following after purchasing the gift card and mailing it to that address:

Add Gift Cards to your Account

After buying the gift card and sending it to your recipient email address, go to the recipient email address and do the following:

  • Visit your recipient’s Airbnb account.
  • Hit Account from the dropdown menu bar
  • Click the Payment & Payouts >
  • Select Add Gift Card.

Now, enter the number and PIN from your email to redeem the Airbnb gift card.

Note: You can use a computer or switch to desktop mode in your browser if you are unable to access the Airbnb gift card store from your mobile device.

Book an Accommodation

Once the gift card has been redeemed, you can book accommodation at any of the most expensive hotels with the funds on the card.

The advantage is that you can keep your gift card balance for as long as you like after checking in and enjoying the accommodations.

Your objective as a carder is to cash out, not to take a vacation. The gift card can therefore be sold to earn money.


Note: Once an Airbnb gift card is added to your Airbnb account, it cannot be transferred.
You can sell the account if you do not want to use the gift card to make international hotel reservations, but at a lower price than the gift card’s value.

Airbnb carding method Tutorial Conclusion

We have just learned how to book for accommodation Worldwide.
See how you can use a stolen card to card Airbnb. Also you can try CC to BTC carding tutorial.

Thank you for reading the airbnb carding method ,

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