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Gift Card Carding Method in 2024

Gift Card carding Method in 2024. Carding is a type of credit card fraud where “carders” steal credit or debit card information, verify it, and then use it to buy goods and gift cards to convert them into cash.

Under Title-18 US Code Section 1029, anyone found committing this offence faces a fine of up to $250,000 and a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail.

However, carders are creative and constantly come up with new ways to steal from others. Carding gift cards is one of these techniques.


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The objective is to obtain gift cards from well-known online stores for free, thus carding stores and a credit card are essentially the same thing. Due to the lack of understanding about carding, it is simple for carders to steal money from people and businesses even though it is prohibited. The process of carding gift cards in 2022 will be covered in this tutorial, along with the prerequisites and any sanctions a carder may face. Gift card Carding Method

gift card carding method 2024

This article’s main goal is to raise awareness of gift card carding and demonstrate new techniques. The easiest way to prevent falling prey to this fraud is to become knowledgeable about the techniques employed in carding gift cards. We do not intend to teach the reader how to carry out this crime.

What Is Gift Card Carding?

Understanding what a gift card is can help us better understand the methods for carding gift cards. For making purchases, it is a loaded prepaid card. There are two primary categories of gift cards:

  • Closed-Loop Gift Cards – these are cards that can only be used at a specific store or brand. Gift Card carding Method
  • Open-Loop Gift Cards – these cards are not affiliated with any merchants. They’re reloadable and work like credit and debit cards.

For those who are stuck for ideas but don’t want to give cash as a gift, gift cards are a wonderful option. They help businesses increase client loyalty and drive sales. Unfortunately, the carder prefers to target gift cards. Gift Card carding Method

Carders take advantage of these cards’ low-security features, which are different from those on the majority of modern credit cards. Gift card carding is the practise of buying many gift cards with a stolen credit card in order to sell or use them privately before the retailer discovers it. Other types of gift card fraud include:

  • Gift card refund fraud
  • Gift card number theft
  • Account takeover and
  • Physical gift card tampering

Requirements for Carding Gift Cards

Not only is gift card fraud the most well-known type of card fraud, but it is also the simplest. The tools that carders use to card gift cards from various online stores are listed below.

Cardable Gift Card Website

A great site for cardable shopping is the first, where carders can buy gift cards. A customer can place an order on this kind of website without having to go through numerous security checks or processes, and products can be shipped anywhere. Here is a checklist for choosing a gift cardable website because not all websites can be used to card gift cards.

  • They ship internationally or allow buyers to enter an address that does not match the credit card address. Gift Card carding Method
  • A One-Time-Password or OTP, credit card security code, or other verification process is not required to complete a transaction.
  • The buyer does not need to present a valid ID to confirm their identity.
  • Carded Amazon Gift Cards for example

CC Details

A live CC is a crucial carding tool. On the dark web or forums, carders typically buy three different types of credit card information. Then they receive it as a virtual notepad rather than a physical card. Carders buy three types of CC details:

  • Conventional CC
  • Partial Full CC and
  • CC Fullz

Due to the fact that they include personal information about the owner and credit card details, CC Fullz are preferred by carders but are pricey. Because of this, carders frequently use the BIN or the first four or six digits of the CC number to create a virtual card for gifting. Gift Card carding Method

Since carders don’t need to go through security procedures or OTP verification to make a transaction, non-VBV unverified Visa cards are the most advised for carding.

VPN, RDP, and Socks 5

Socks 5 and VPN, or virtual private network, are crucial carding tools. To achieve complete online anonymity, they hide the carder’s IP address. RDP, or Remote Desktop Protocol, works differently than Socks 5, a less expensive VPN alternative. The user can connect to a computer in the precise location of the CC via RDP, which does not hide the IP address.

Computer or Mobile Phone

Computers and mobile phones are both used by carders when they are carding. Mobile phones need to have at least 2 GB of RAM and a sound processor in addition to being rooted and unconnected from any Google services. Carders can card on Mac and Windows, but they must turn off location services and use Windows 8.1 or later. Gift Card carding Method

CC Cleaner

This software is required to clear cache files, cookies, and browsing history before and after carding. In order to prevent servers from tracking their online actions, carders should delete these temporary browser files. Gift Card carding Method

High-Speed Internet

Carders use high-speed internet since using a VPN slows down their connection. This helps to reduce lag and the need to reconnect to websites as a result of slow connections. Gift Card carding Method

Shipping Address

Carders do not use their personal address or even the address of the credit card owner when carding gift cards. They use a picker, friend, relative, or DROP address in the US if they are not US citizens. DROP providers are businesses that assist people who don’t reside in the nation in having their orders delivered there.

Email Drop and Phone Number

Some shopping websites email gift card codes. In this instance, carders set up fresh email addresses with the same name as the CC owner. Regarding phone numbers, carders frequently duplicate the registered number in the CC but alter 2 to 3 digits, preventing the website from alerting the owner. Gift Card carding Method

Gift Card Carding Method of 2024

It’s time to understand how professional carders card gift cards now that you are familiar with the basics of gift card carding and the necessary tools. You are the card in this section to help you understand it better. Please be aware that this is only for educational purposes. Gift Card carding Method

If you want to buy CC, >><<
  1. Clear your browser and connect to your preferred VPN or Socks 5 to ensure your IP is hidden.
  2. Connect or run the RDP if you have one.
  3. Open Mozilla Browser and create two new email addresses, one with the exact CC details to be used in the shopping sites and an alternative email if the gift card will be sent to another account.
  4. Using the same browser, open the chosen website where you will do the carding. Create an account with your new email address and enter the exact CC details. Gift Card carding Method
  5. Make sure your CC is alive and has a sufficient balance to complete the transaction. You can do it in advance.
  6. Act like a real customer, start browsing for gift cards, and add them to your cart.

Depending on the website, there should be an option to send it to your alternative email address via a “eGift card.” Don’t forget to include your alternative email address and write a fake personal message to make it look natural.

  1. Select your payment method and enter the information requested. Make sure all the details, except the phone number and address, match your CC details.
  2. Enter your shipping address and place your order.
  3. Most shopping websites will redirect you to a summary page, and the gift card code will be sent to your email within 1 to 2 minutes of completing the transaction.
  4. You can wait for the card to be delivered to use the virtual code to purchase goods.

Can Someone Go to Jail for Carding Gift Cards?

Since gift cards are regarded as “access devices,” anyone caught carding them will be prosecuted under federal law. Title-18 U.S.C. Section 1029 governs fraud and associated activities with access devices. For carders caught performing any type of credit card fraud, the penalty is the same.

According to federal law, the “access devices” are:

  • Debit, Credit, and any other type of cards
  • Account number
  • Codes. Gift Card carding Method
  • Electronic serial numbers
  • Plates
  • Mobile and personal identification numbers
  • Telecommunication services and equipment
  • Other access that anyone can use to obtain money, goods, and other things of value illegally

A person involved in a fraudulent financial transaction like carding gift cards may face additional federal penalties in addition to spending up to 10 years in prison and paying a fine. Among them are:

  • Identity theft under 18 USC 1028
  • Computer fraud under 18 USC 1030
  • Bank fraud under 18 USC 1344 and
  • Email fraud


Now that you are aware of the new methods for carding gift cards, you will be able to avoid falling victim to this deception.

If you are a merchant, you should upgrade the security of your website and employ a more secure payment method that requires OTP and other forms of verification. You can stop carders from making transactions in this way and assist law enforcement in apprehending them.

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